Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The History of physics.

Physics began when man archetypical started to study his surroundings. Early applications of cancel philosophy intromit the invention of the wheel and of primitive weapons. The deal who built endocarp Henge had knowledge of physical mechanics in secernate to collide with the rocks and place them on top of for each one other. It was non until during the full stop of Greek culture that the origin systematic treatment of physics started with the use of mechanics. Thales is often verbalize to have been the first scientist, and the first Greek philosopher. He was an astronomer, merchant and mathematician, and after visiting Egypt he is state to have originated the learning of deductive geometry. He withal ascertained theorems of elementary geometry and is said to have correctly predicted an predominate of the sun. Many of his studies were in astronomy but he too observed static electricity. Phythogoras was a Greek philosopher. He discovered simple numerical ratios relating the musical tones of major consonances, to the length of the thread used in looking them. The Pythagorean theorem was named after him, although this wakeless statements of deductive geometry was most(prenominal) believably first an idea from Egyptian methods of measurements. With the help of his followers he discovered that the earth was a sphere, but he did not believe it revolved or so the sun. Democritus was the leader of a group c all(prenominal)ed Atomists. Although they were unable to prove that occasion was do up of small particles, they were the first to come up with the idea. Democritus believed that atoms differed in size, shape, and movement but were all made of the identical substances. Aristotle was the most important scientific philosopher in Greece. He believed that all payoff on earth consisted of four pure substances or elements, which were earth, air, fire, and water. He also... If you want to get a full essay, ord er it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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